Clean the Closet, Clean up on Cash

Clean the Closet, Clean up on Cash

Do you ever look around the room and wonder, “Where did I get all of this stuff?” Of course, you remember where most of it came from; impromptu trips to Target where home décor is affordable so the more the merrier, thrift stores whose stocked shelves were ripe for your penny picking, and gifts from well-meaning relatives. Doesn’t everyone need a pink elephant wall print? Sometimes the overload of “stuff” can leave you feeling drained in your space which should replenish you, not deplete your senses. And, even after you clean and scrub, there is still all those items just suffocating you in your home. When this happens, it is time to ask the question, “Can I clean up on extra cash by cleaning out my home of all of this clutter?” If you look around and see financial gains just by selling your unnecessary things, chances are your closets are full of dollars just waiting to be found. In a few short steps, you can see if you are on the road to a more organized home and extra cash to do what you really want.

First, if you’re someone who has amassed a lot of stuff over their lifetime, then start out with baby steps. Choose one closet and enact the “three pile rule,” dividing everything into “keep, discard or donate” piles. With an honest approach, you can easily follow a simple plan to really see what you have and to end up with a usable closet or spare room space. So, once you’re removed everything from the area and have your piles in place, don’t stop there! Do a little bit of legwork online or with knowledgeable friends to see if you spot any “treasures” in the piles. Place aside if you have any question, and you can get to that later.

Contact a charity pickup organization like the Red Cross or Disabled American Veterans and schedule a pickup for your “donate” items. They will come on a day that is convenient for you and all you need to do is have your items in bags or boxes labeled with the charity’s name and the truck will roll in. Of course, you can drop your items off at your local church, Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity or other charitable organization too, but having service at your door cannot be beat.

As far as the “discard” items, one piece of advice, do just that! Throw away your broken, cracked, ripped, and otherwise unusable stuff. Nobody wants your junk so just “Let it Go!” If you really have a large pile of garbage, your local municipalities usually offer a free large trash pickup.

Before determining new places to display or utilize the items you are going to keep, be sure to rid the closet of cobwebs and refresh the paint if you have a spare can. A clean interior closet might beget better arrangement and organization from your family. Add shelving if the space hasn’t been user friendly and put things away so there is a clear home for everything.

When it comes time for gathering appraisals on your items, try to use reputable sources with verifiable accolades and references. Enlist “experts” you may have among your friends or relatives to help you navigate for-sale sites like eBay and Craigslist. Enjoy the extra money you will earn while knowing someone else may like displaying your pink elephant art on their wall. Your clean space will spur you on to consider other nooks and crannies around your home that may need dusting and might also be your ticket to the millionaire’s league.