Naturally Clean

Naturally Clean

Don’t you love when your home or office is sparkling clean? It is a great feeling to look around and not see all your belongings laying around, instead, knowing they are neatly tucked away in each its own special spot. Mirrors are sparkling, floors are bright, there is not a speck of dust or dirt in sight, and the aroma is delightful. That’s right, we all sniff for that symbol of cleanliness, whether it be bleach or ammonia, and everything in between including cleansers that include Downy and Febreze to help your rooms smell like fresh linen, and mulberry and freshly harvested apples to bring the outdoor scents in.

It is all there for your consumption, whatever your scent preference might be. The only problem is the very cleansers that are meant to sanitize our environments may also contain harmful carcinogens, ingredients that may be dangerous to small children and pets if ingested, and chemicals that may wreak havoc in the lives of those with asthma and sinus issues. So, what can you do to make sure your homes and offices are clean without all the chemicals? Oh, and you still want that “fresh as a spring day smell?” Don’t worry! Mother Nature has you covered with some great alternatives that are green, clean, and lean on your wallet.

Lemons, those yellow, citrusy, balls of sunshine that some might use to make lemonade are also great natural cleaners and wonderful disinfectants. A mixture of lemon juice and salt will clean your burners, grills, and pans with ease. Soaking your stained plastic bowls and cutting board in lemon will remove greasy stains. Need to clean your microwave but are unsure of using chemicals in something you prepare food in, then use lemons to clean and deodorize. If you have hard water residue and mineral buildup on your faucets, rubbing a lemon over the surface will remove the particles and leave your sink areas shining.

Vinegar is not only great for pickling, it is a wonder cleaner. Your coffee pot, quite possibly the most important appliance of your day, should be periodically cleaned to keep it sanitary. A great way to remove coffee stains from the pot and unit itself is to run a mixture of vinegar and water through the machine. You’ll be surprised at how it “perks up” after a cleaning. Vinegar is great for washing down walls and cabinets as it removes sticky grime that might come from dust, smokers, fingerprints, and food particles. And, if you want fabulous windows, then use a mixture of vinegar and water, with newspaper as your wiping material. Be careful, people may walk into them, they will be that clean!

Everyone has olive oil in their pantry, and in addition to the delicious flavor you get by using it for sautéing and making salad dressings, olive oil can also be used as a furniture polisher. If your wood tables, base boards, couch arms, old leather trunks, picture frames and decorative boxes look dull, then a wipe down with olive oil will leave them with a lush sheen. There is no sticky residue left when you’re done, just a clean surface.

Hopefully the next time you need cleaning supplies, you will skip Target or Walmart and head to your own cupboards. Besides the incredible health benefits, your living spaces will be disinfected and cleaned like never before. You will be surprised how the aroma of natural products will be more appealing to you over time as opposed to something bottled and processed at a chemical plant. Moreover, you will be saving money. So, homeowners and renters take heed, if you need to clean then keep it green and Mother Nature approved.

Moreover, you will be saving money. So, homeowners and renters take heed, if you need to clean then keep it green and Mother Nature approved.